About Us


We not only strive to increase the value of your asset over time, but we also help you set the maximum rent possible so each month you grow in your investment.


Stella Stanley

Vice President – Operations

Ext 702

Connie Weaver

Tenant Care Manager

Ext 700

Raye Smith

Special Projects Lead and Property Manager

Ext 704

Tricia Childress

Property Manager and HOA Manager

Northern Neck, West Point, Caroline County,

Ext 702

Wendy Cone

Property Manager

Chesterfield, Midlothian

Ext 702

Kristy Higgins

Property Manager

Lexington, Blacksburg, Buena

Ext 702

Steve Reed

Property Manager

Richmond, Glen Allen,
Midlothian, Ashland,

Ext 736

Stacy Runion

Property Manager

South Boston, Halifax,
Clarksville, Boydton, Jarrett,
Chase City, Buffalo Junction

Ext 742

Sherri Loving Smith

Associate Broker
Property Manager &
Business Development

Ext 721

Anup Kumar

Property Manager

Northern VA

Ext 729

Ron Taylor

Property Manager

Tri Cities

Ext 732

Victor Cabassa

Property Manager
and HOA Manager

Ext 732