Signature Properties, LLC Terms of Use

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License To Use The Site

Ownership of intellectual property contained within the site goes to us or our licensors, lest otherwise directed. You may use the site in the following ways: 

  • Browsing or viewing information

  • Printing

  • Downloading text or for caching purposes

Under no circumstances are you authorized to: 

  • Republish our material

  • Sell anything on the site without our consent

  • Broadcast the site’s material in public

  • Rent or lease any material from the site

  • Edit or modify any information or heading on the site without authorization

For content that is for redistribution, you may do so but only within your franchise. 

Acceptable Use

No part of this website shall be used to damage or disrupt its availability and accessibility. The contents herewith should not be used in any way that is deemed by law as: 

  • Fraudulent

  • Unlawful

  • Harmful

You cannot use malicious software that will create the above effects. Such software includes but is not limited to:

  • Keystroke logger 

  • Worms

  • Rootkit 

  • Computer trojan

  • Any malicious software

You can use the site for informational purposes. You cannot use our site for data mining and data copying. You are also prohibited from conducting marketing activities on our site without receiving consent from the site’s owners.

Restricted Access

The site owners reserve the right to restrict access to certain parts of the website. Private access is granted to site administrators, owners, licensors, and account holders. For privately-owned site accounts, users are responsible for keeping their passwords and selected usernames. 

Signature Properties, LLC also reserves the right to suspend or block delinquent accounts. Delinquent accounts are user accounts used in violation of the Signature Properties, LLC terms of use. 

Scope and Limitation of Liabilities

Signature Properties, LLC is not responsible for any or all of the following: 

  • Losses to your business after using our site for any lawful or unlawful purpose

  • Profit, income, or revenue losses arising from site use

  • Loss of management time or office time

  • Loss of business, contracts, commercial opportunities, or goodwill

  • Corruption of data, software, or the computer you used to browse the site’s contents

  • Losses or damages you will sustain from acts of omission or issues involving a hosting provider or third-party service 

Upon using our site, you do so acknowledging the risks involved. To wit, you also use the site acknowledging the limitations of our liabilities. 

Indemnity Policy

By using our site, you release us of any liability arising from your activities within the site. We will not be liable to you for any losses or damages resulting from your use of the website. 

Any costs or expenses you may incur for using our site are beyond the scope of our liabilities. You will shoulder these costs acknowledging the potential risks of using our site and other online activities within it. 

Website Availability

Signature Properties, LLC’s site administrators can suspend the site’s availability from time to time. The suspensions are for the purposes of site maintenance or added development. The site owners may suspend the website’s availability without prior notice. 

We also do not guarantee that the website will continue to be operational in the future. By using our site, you do so with the recognition of its possible cessation of operation in the future. 

Breach of Terms and Conditions

Signature Properties, LLC reserves the right to terminate or suspend accounts found to be in violation of the terms and conditions of use. Once we suspect an account of unlawful or harmful usage, we may resort to the following: 

  • Issuing you a formal warning in writing or via your account

  • Contact your ISP to have your access to the site revoked

  • Block access to any computer or device identical to your IP address

  • File charges against you for violation of our terms and conditions of site use

  • Delete your account without prior notice along with its contents

Trademark Policy

All the Signature Properties, LLC logos on the site are property of Signature Properties, LLC and may not be used without our consent. Affiliate company logos that are present on the site exist with the consent of Signature Properties, LLC. You are also prohibited from using these logos without consent from us or the affiliate company. 

Amendments of The Terms and Conditions

Signature Properties, LLC reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time. We can also make amendments without prior notice. No new policy is retrogressive. New policies will be in effect as soon as they are published on the site’s terms and conditions section. 

Severability Clause

If found unlawful or illegal, an item in Signature Properties, LLC can be amended following legal proceedings. The illegality of one or more conditions will not render the terms and conditions invalid. 

Third-Party Right Exclusion

The terms and conditions mentioned herewith benefit site users. These conditions were not drafted to serve third parties, and none of the terms do. Hence, third parties will have no bearing on your rights within the context of the site’s use and account ownership. 

Entire Agreement

Your use of the site following the terms and conditions and our privacy is protected by the items mentioned earlier. The terms and conditions along with our privacy policy constitute your lawful relation to the company through site use. 

The terms and conditions set are effective at the time of their publication. These supersede any prior agreements you may have had with Signature Properties, LLC or its representatives. 

Law and Jurisdiction 

The terms and conditions mentioned are governed by the laws and policies of the United States. Any ambiguities or disputes arising from the terms and conditions are subject to proceedings mediated by the courts of the United States.